The following position descriptions are examples for businesses starting with Outsource Future. We have roles for

Growing Your Business

The Outbound Callers, Lead Generators and Data Analysts roles perform functions similar to an in-house employee. These activities can include sourcing new leads, calling customers, prospecting for new customers.  Outbound calling can also include sourcing new orders and maintaining customer communication channels.

Maximising Profits

The Sales Support function provide a cost effective solution to providing more resources.  These positions often serve as a backup to existing internal staff.  Sales Support activities include order entry, bookkeeping, order processing, email management, CRM updates, file management and much more.

Maximising Executive Potential

The PA & Executive Assistants roles assist high value employees with scheduling and reminders, LinkedIn management, Contract preparation, booking flight & hotels and managing personal touch points like remembering birthdays, flowers and special occasions.

 Each of these roles are sample roles which can be scoped and developed for each customer account.


To ensure you achieve maximum productivity, our engagement process follows this 4 step methodology.